Participate in Phase 3

Deadline for applications now extended to 14 February 2022

The BEIS IEEA is a funding programme designed to support partnerships between developers of energy/resource efficient technologies and industrial companies willing to demonstrate the technologies on-site.

The programme is open to projects from all UK industry sectors that can demonstrate either a novel process technology (targeting Technology Readiness Level 5-8), or the use of an established process technology in a novel way.

Being part of the IEEA will allow promising innovators to:

Demonstrate their technology in an operational environment

Increase confidence from potential users

Access incubation and marketing support

And it will provide forward-looking industrial companies with an opportunity to:

Implement pioneering technologies with decreased risk and cost

A total of £8 million in funding will be available through the programme to fund demonstration projects. Successful applicants can typically expect to receive between 40-60% funding for their project, with IEEA contributions typically between £150k with £1m per project and the remainder to be funded by the applicant(s).

Who can apply to the IEEA?

Projects should comprise an industrial partner that will demonstrate the technology at their site, and (usually) a technology developer that has developed the new technology. Other project partners can be included in a consortium such as research organisations, universities, specialist technology suppliers and consultants.

Submit your idea

If you have a technology or project idea you would like to submit for review, please fill in the form below. The submission can be completed by both technology innovators and industrial companies.

Your submission will be used to provide a preliminary assessment of the potential eligibility of the technology/project. If you wish, we can also match suitable technology ideas with potential industrial partners and facilitate introductions for potential consortia. Please review the eligibility criteria before you submit your idea.

We recommend submitting your idea by using this form before starting any applications. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Your contact details will be used to keep you informed about the BEIS IEEA programme and other relevant funding programmes from the government.

Further use of data:

The Carbon Trust is committed to protecting your data. Please review our privacy policy for information on how the Carbon Trust handles personal data and your rights concerning it. By submitting this form, you agree to the storing and processing of your data by the Carbon Trust as described in the privacy policy.

What happens next? Your idea will be reviewed by the Carbon Trust, Jacobs or KTN IEEA team for potential eligibility, and someone from the team will be in touch soon to discuss appropriate next steps.

Start your application

Before starting your application, please submit your idea using the form above. We will provide you with a preliminary assessment of the potential eligibility of the technology/project.

Once you’ve received positive feedback on your idea, you can start your application by clicking the ‘start your application’ button below. This will re-direct you to the BEIS online application form. You will be able to save your application as you go.

Supporting materials:

  • Application guidance - please read this in detail before completing your application.
  • FAQs - please find a list of frequently asked questions
  • Copy of Application form in Word – to view the information you will need to supply. You may use this to draft your application and share with partners – and then copy the answers to the online form before the application deadline.
  • Copy of the Finance form – you will need to fill in this finance form as part of your application.
  • Draft grant offer letter - a draft of the grant pffer letter should your application be successful.
  • Draft grant funding agreement - a draft of the grant funding agreement should your application be successful.

How to apply webinar

Watch the webinar below for a step-by-step guide on how to apply to Phase 3 of the IEEA.

All applications must be made using the online form above. The closing deadline for applications is 3pm Monday 14 February 2022.

If you have any question on how to fill in the application form, send an email to

For any technical problems with the application platform, please send an email to


Hover over the months below to explore the timeline and next steps to participate in the IEEA phase 3.

The BEIS IEEA is delivered by the Carbon Trust with support from Jacobs and KTN.